Customer Reviews

Our goal is provide the very best service possible. We aim to eradicate all pests in a timely manner. When you choose J&D Miller Pest Control, you choose to work with a family business that will go above and beyond.

James Maloney

"Had a German roach issue for several years, We had tried everything you can imagine.we had several other company's fail to control the issue. we heard about Miller Pest Control through a friend and gave them a call. They were very prompt and professional and were able to quickly take care of the roach issues that had plagued us."   

Jeff Smith

"We had a German roach issue that just would not go away. Three other pest control companies came out, promised us they would take care of it, and the roaches came back within a few weeks. A family friend suggested Miller Pest Control to us and we have been roach free ever since. We signed up for the protection plan and they come out every three months for 75 bucks to make sure the roaches don't come back. Great service for a great price."

Chris Cole

"I had a problem with ants in my kitchen during the summer. The tech came out and sprayed that weekend. I haven't had a problem since. Very professional and the customer service was great. Recommend to anyone with a pest problem."

Nicole Mcneal

"Fantastic customer service. Amazing company!!!!"